The Best Story Making Games

With Christmas drawing closer I’ve put together five of the best story making games we’ve collected over the years. Each of these games are designed to inspire observation and imagination as a means to creating new stories.

The Story Telling Game

This is a game for two or more players. Each player starts with five words (with pictures) of varying difficulty. The first player chooses one of their words to start making up a story. The next player then picks one of their words to join into the story and so on until the buzzer goes off. The person telling the story when the buzzer goes off has to collect all the used cards.  The aim is to discard as many of your cards as you can. Joker cards, trump cards and reverse direction cards make the game more interesting but because everyone is trying to beat the buzzer very little thought goes into the story.

Brand: Paul Lamond

Recommended age: 6+

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Story Cubes: This was the first story game we got our hands on several years ago and still a family favourite. It’s a very simple but effective game comprising nine dice with different pictures on each face. All you have to do is throw all the dice, line them up in a row and make up a story which includes all nine pictures. The straight forward format generates some crazy stories.

Brand: The Creativity Hub

Recommended age: 6+

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Tell Tale

The illustrations are used as story prompts for creative thinking. The tin includes four twenty minute game ideas ranging from 3-8 players. This game encourages children to let their imaginations wander further than the picture.

Brand: Blue Orange Games

Recommended age: 6+

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Brainbox Once Upon a Time

There are fifty five cards, a sand timer and an eight-sided die for this game. Each card has a picture on one side and six questions on the other side. Unlike the other games, this is a game of observation and memory using famous stories. It can be played by one or more players at a time.

Brand: The Green Board Game Co.

Recommended age: 6+

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This game has fifty six cards and one sand timer plus a choice of two games. Each card has four images. Each player uses one colour frame to make one sentence in the story and links the chosen image on the second card to the first. The image can be interpreted in anyway possible. Once you have a handle on the rules this game has the potential for a huge range of stories.

Brand: ZooBooKoo

Recommended age: 6+

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