2015 Writing Competitions for Children

2015 Writing Competitions for Children (1)

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Last week saw the exciting announcement of the Chris Evans 2015 BBC 500 words writing competition for children (details below). So what’s the buzz all about? In the age of “don’t compare yourself to others, it’s not important what others are achieving” attitude why should we be encouraging our children to enter writing competitions?

Creative writing competitions are a fun way to encourage children to write and build upon the knowledge they have acquired through learning to read. Here are eight reasons to encourage children to enter writing competitions.

Writing competitions can consolidate their learning of how words and sentences are constructed by acting as a tool to practise their phonics, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation skills.

They can encourage them to think about the use and meaning of words on a deeper level: are they long sounding words or short sounding words, descriptive words, emotive words etc?

They can provide a lesson of how to work within boundaries by needing to consider the deadline, word count and subject matter.

Writing competitions can help hone creativity into structured thought processes helping them use their imagination effectively by putting it into a comprehensible format involving a story structure and plot.

They can improve confidence by creating a sense of achievement and purpose. Even if they don’t win they have still completed the challenge of writing the story with a purpose to enter it into a competition.

They can provide a child with a safe outlet to express their own feelings by exploring their emotions and opinions through their characters actions.

Writing competitions can develop empathy for others: how does the character feel and behave, why do they react in a certain way?

They are simply a life lesson: There is always that chance of winning. Aim high. They may not win but should always try. If they don’t win they have still gained valuable practise and experience from the process.

Here is a selection of more 2015 writing competitions for children or young adults. Some are closing in February so get those pencils moving and enjoy!

(Click title links for full terms and conditions for the individual competitions).

Iggy and Litro Young Writers’ Prize

Iggy Litro 6 Feb 15

Young Writers Out of this World Poetry Competition

YW Out of this World 13 Feb 15

Young Writers My First Acrostic Competition

YW My First Acrostic 13 Feb 15

BBC Young Writers’ Award with Booktrust 2015

BBC YW Booktrust

Chris Evans Breakfast Show 500 Words Writing Competition

Chris Evans 500 Words

Fresher Writing Wizardry Competition

Fresher Wizardry 28 Feb 15

Inkhead Short Story Competition 2015

Inkhead 1 Apr 15

National Literacy Trust Around the World with Wally

World with Wally 5 Apr 15

Wicked Young Writers Award

Wicked 17 Apr 15

Curry Mallett Children’s Short Story Competition

Curry Mallett 15 Jun 15

Laura Thomas Communications

8th International Annual Junior Authors Short Story Writing Contest

Laura Thomas 30 Jun 15

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to supply accurate competition information as at the date of this blog being published, the information supplied is intended as a summary of details and does not replace the full details of terms and conditions related to each competition. Therefore please refer to the relevant link / website (as above) for full and up to date entry requirements and terms and conditions at all times before entering any of the above mentioned competitions.