How to Make Five 5 Minute Bookmarks

Five 5 Minute Bookmarks

Today I’ve put together some┬ásimple DIY bookmarks for children. Each of which can be made in five minutes but they’ll keep your books looking fun forever.



Things you need: x 1 sheet coloured card, x 1 sheet white paper, googly eyes, x 1 pipe cleaner, glue, pencil, scissors and hole punch.

Five Mins Bookmark Monster

Step 1: Draw round a cup or glass twice to make a two circle shapes and cut out (approx 8 cm diameter).

Step 2: Place the two circles together and hole punch three holes on the top edge.

Step 3: Split circles and cut one of them across the middle to make two triangular teeth.

Step 4: Cut two triangles from white paper to fit the teeth and stick on.

Step 5: Add googly eyes between the teeth and the punched holes.

Step 6: Stick the semi circle (but not the teeth) and the full circle together making sure the punched holes line up.

Step 7: Curl the pipe cleaner in and out the holes to make the monster’s curly hair.



Things you need: x 1 sheet coloured card, several squares of coloured tissue paper, glue, pencil and scissors.

Five Mins Bookmark Tissue Mosaic

Step 1: Cut various colours of tissue paper into small squares.

Step 2: Cut a long strip of coloured card (the size of your bookmark).

Step 3: Stick the tissue paper onto the card with glue making sure they overlap to cover all of the card.

Step 4: Trim the edges to get a neat finish.



Things you need: x 2 sheets different coloured card, glue, pencil and scissors.

Five Mins Bookmark Flower

Step 1: Cut a strip of coloured card approx. 20 cm long and the width a ruler.

Step 2: Fold the strip in half then fold down each end by approx. 2 cm.

Step 3: Cut both 2 cm end folds into a point.

Step 4: Stick the strip together, leaving the pointed ends bent outwards.

Step 5: Take the other sheet of coloured card and draw and cut out six small petal shapes.

Step 6: Cut out approx. 10-12 larger petal shapes in both colours.

Step 7: Start to fan the petals around the top of the stalk and continue to layer with the different colours.

Step 8: Cut out a small circle to finish the centre of the flower.



Things you need: x 4 sheets different coloured card, x 1 sheet white card, x 4 small paper stampers for different shapes, pattern cutting scissors, hole punch, wool to match coloured card, pencil and scissors.

Five Mins Bookmark Paper Punch

Step 1: Cut four 3.5 x 21 cm strips of coloured card and four more in plain white card.

Step 2: Pair up one white card strip with one coloured card strip.

Step 3: Paper punch any chosen shapes into the top card strip.

Step 4: Hole punch through the top of both strips.

Step 5: Cut five 16 cm lengths of wool in matching colour and tie through punched holes to secure the two strips of card together.



Things you need: x 1 sheet coloured or patterned card, x 1 sheet white paper, x 1 piece of orange card, googly eyes, glue and scissors.

Five Mins Bookmark Owl

Step 1: Take a sheet of coloured or patterned card and fold it in half.

Step 2: Place a cup or glass just below the folded edge of the card and draw round the glass for a circle shape.

Step 3: Draw some pointed ears onto the fold in the card. It is important to keep a small flat point for the ears to keep the two sides of the card joined together.

Step 4: Cut out the double thickness card and unfold to make sure the two sides are joined.

Step 5: Cut out two round circles from white paper and stick on the owl.

Step 6: Stick two googly eyes to the white circles to complete the owl’s eyes.

Step 7: Cut out a small triangular beak from orange card then stick between the eyes.

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