Cracking Picture Books about Eggs

Egg Cracking

I always look forward to these light-hearted book reviews with my boys and from the looks on their faces I know they do too as it’s my way of telling them their opinion is important to me. So for those of you who haven’t seen these before each book is rated out of ten by my two boys. This time the first number is from my eldest and the second from my youngest. We have an eggy theme today, ideal for Easter holiday reading or if you’re feeling brave enough this may give you some ideas as an alternative to chocolate! Although seeing as books and chocolate are two things I can never resist, I think indulging in both is the only way forward!

Egg DropEgg Drop – Mini Grey (author/illustrator). Publisher: Red Fox (new ed. 3 Apr 2003). RATING: 10/10; 10/10.

This appeals to my sense of humour. I love its originality and how it conveys a serious message in a fun and funny way.

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The Cow that laid an EggThe Cow that Laid an Egg – Andy Cutbill (author) & Russell Ayto (illustrator). Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books (1 Jul 2008). RATING: 10/10; 9/10.

The contemporary and humorous storyline and illustrations keep you turning the pages and grinning all the way. Although both my boys decided it wasn’t very Eastery (as they put it!) which did prompt a discussion about how the egg theme represents new life at Easter!

The Chicken and the EggThe Chicken and the Egg – Allan Plenderleith (author/illustrator). Publisher: Ravette Publishing Ltd (1st ed. 14 Mar 2013). RATING: 10/10; 10/10.

This is a story of a little chick that no matter how hard she tries she cannot lay an egg. The chick ends up adopting another egg as her own as a simple tale of love and protection unfolds. My eldest liked the part where the chicken got saved!

Foxy and EggFoxy and Egg – Alex T. Smith (author/illustrator). Publisher: Holiday House (20 Feb 2011). RATING: 10/10; 0/10

A classic tale told with Alex T. Smith’s irresistible wit, of a hungry fox whose cunning plan doesn’t quite work out as expected – a winning combination. My youngest (a sensitive little fella) gave a low rating and said it was too scary.

The Odd EggThe Odd Egg – Emily Gravett (author/illustrator). Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books (reprint ed. 4 Feb 2011). RATING: 8/10; 2/10.

Duck cannot lay an egg so she finds another and it hatches into something else…..and that’s basically it! Writing an entertaining story with very few words is a real challenge and Emily Gravett usually gets it spot on yet sadly for me this one is beautifully illustrated (as are all her books) but the story is almost too basic. Very similar to the ideas behind Foxy and Egg and The Chicken and the Egg but without any plot so sadly this one leaves me feeling it is unfinished and that there is something missing.

An Egg is QuietAn Egg is Quiet – Dianna Aston (author/illustrator). Publisher: Chronicle Books (Re-print ed. 1 Mar 2014). RATING: 10/10; 10/10.

This is one of a series of books which have combined a picture book layout with a reference style book resulting in an informative, progressive story about nature. Here we see the egg cycle, starting with beautiful illustrations of many types of eggs and their different textures and patterns, the development from egg to animal to naming the animals which come from eggs. This book engages us with the variety and beauty of nature.

Egg and BirdEgg and Bird – Alex Higlett (author/illustrator). Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books (1st ed. 7 Apr 2006). RATING: 10/10; 10/10.

This one got lots of giggles. It is a book which manages to explain, in the most subtle and endearing manner and with the aid of very simple illustrations and text, how egg and bird are completely different to each other but ultimately the same. Perhaps a lesson for us humans too!

The Golden EggThe Golden Egg – A.J. Wood (author) & Maggie Kneen (illustrator). Publisher: Templar Publishing (1 Feb 2002). RATING: 9/10; 10/10.

This rhyming story flows easily off the tongue and the flaps keep the children engaged with the story as they follow Duck’s golden egg hunt. This also teaches colours and is the perfect book for an Easter present.

The Great Easter Egg ScrambleThe Great Easter Egg Scramble – Timothy Knapman (author) & David Walker (illustrator). Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books (illustrated ed. 1 Mar 2012). RATING: 10/10; 10/10.

A very cute book where the Easter bunny gets in a muddle and delivers the wrong eggs to all the animals. This one got my youngest smiling and giggling at the Easter bunny’s silly mix up.

Green Eggs and HamGreen Eggs and Ham – Dr Seuss (author/illustrator). Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books (Rebranded ed. 6 May 2003). RATING: 9/10; 8/10.

No list would be complete without a classic or two and Dr Seuss can never be ignored as a contender! His love of rhyme shines through in this story as does his understanding of children and their finicky eating habits, especially over green things! I insist, go on give it a try!

Can anyone recommend any other great Easter themed picture books?

Where obtained: public or personal library.