How to Make a Batman Bookmark

Sometimes I find I just need a quick activity to entertain the children for half an hour. So this week I thought I’d share my Batman bookmark craft with you to try out over the half term.

Batman Book Craft

Step 1: Cut out one 12 x 12 cm square piece of black card (Fig. 1). Fold in half horizontally (Fig. 2). Unfold, then fold in half horizontally again the other way so the cross crease is clear to see (Fig. 3).

Batman Bookmark Step 1

Step 2: Cut out one of the folded squares and put aside for later. An L-shape should remain (Fig. 4). Fold the top left corner towards the middle, crease (Fig. 5), then cut along the crease. Repeat on the opposite side to make the ear shapes (Fig. 6).

Batman Bookmark Step 2

Step 3: Take a second piece of black card and mark out another 12 x 12 cm square (but do not cut out yet). Now mark two 6 x 6 x 6 triangles off one corner then cut out the full shape (Fig. 7). Fold the main square horizontally each way as before (Fig. 8). Cut out the square to the left of the additional triangles (Fig. 9).

 Batman Bookmark Step 3

Step 4: Next fold the side square onto the middle square (Fig. 10). Then fold the remaining shape on top of the other two squares to form a house shape (Fig. 11). There is now an ear shape and a house shape (Fig. 12).

Batman Bookmark Step 4

Step 5: Take the ear shape with the ears pointing up and v-shape pointing down (Fig.13). Next the aim is to make the v-shape between the ears flat. To do this cut approx. 1 cm horizontally either side of the v-shape. Trim off by cutting to the top corners of the ears on either side (Fig. 14).

Batman Bookmark Step 5

Step 6: Next take the house shape (Fig. 15) and glue the ear shape (Fig. 16) onto it so the ears fold inwards (Fig. 17). The roof point of the house shape should reach the middle of the flat edge between the ears.

Batman Bookmark Step 6

Step 7: Finally pick up the small square you put aside in Step 2. Fold it in half diagonally then cut along the fold to leave two smaller triangle halves. Take one of the halves and fold it in half again then unfold to show the crease (Fig. 18). Add glue to the two corners which are furthest apart. Stick the two corners onto the house shape (Fig. 19). Make sure the triangle is pointing downwards so it can be stuck on as the nose. The fold should be slightly elevated to give a slight 3D effect.

Batman Bookmark Step 7

Step 8: Make small white triangles for the eyes and stick on at an upward slant (Fig. 20).

Batman Bookmark Step 8

… and there you have a Batman bookmark which sits on the corner of the page.

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