The Story of “Puy du Fou” – A Magical Experience

For me story related events are just as important for encouraging children to read and write as a book itself. Well……. I think I may have found the ultimate land of stories, a place that wholly draws you into its world of fantasy.

That place is a theme park situated in the Vendee region of France known as Puy du Fou. Like all good theme parks you have the option of staying in one of their four themed hotels where your surroundings are a stage in themselves. However toss aside any images you may have of fast rides, plastic characters and cinematography and replace them with theatrical productions of myths and legends on a scale which will continue to amaze you long after you’ve left. If you ever get the chance to visit, prepare to be wowed again and again.

All the hotel themes are packed with elaborate detail. We stayed in the Gallo Roman Villa. I’ve included a picture of our neighbour whom we got chatting to through our hotel room window.

Puy du Fou 3

Puy du Fou 27

The park is set in 50 hectares of immaculately kept gardens and forest. Even the gardeners were in costume! It hosts five main signature shows varying from approx 20-40 minutes in length and several other shows. All shows are based on historical stories of the region. As we were only staying over two days and one night we made sure we scheduled in the main shows (see later below), plus one shorter show, The Knights of the Round Table…..

Puy du Fou 28

…..and a night show, The Organs of Fire a stunning light show of musicians and dancers choreographed to emotive and powerful music.

Puy du Fou 4Puy du Fou 5

On entering each show you walk into a totally different and incredible set and when the show starts the atmospheric surround sound makes you feel like you too are a part of it. By the second or third show you learn to expect the unexpected. However it is not only the shows which will astound you but the sheer size and level of hydraulics and engineering both over and underground it must have taken to construct the sets. Walking into a full sized reconstruction of an amphitheatre with the capacity to hold six thousand people is an experience you don’t come across every day.

Triumph’s Sign

The amphitheatre came alive the minute we sat down as the Gauls Vs Romans got us cheering and jeering and Mexican waving. We were entertained with chariot racing, wild animals parading the arena and gladiators fighting for their lives – and the damsel in distress.

Puy du Fou 13Puy du Fou 16

The Vikings

This was the first show we saw so after walking into the impressive set of a reconstructed 1000 year old fortress we didn’t really know what to expect next. We were soon met with flashes of hot fire, dramatic fighting and unexpected feats – and of course the saving of a damsel in distress!

Puy du Fou 17Puy du Fou 19

The Phantom Birds’ Dance

Magnificent hunting birds skimmed the top of my head and landed on perches only a few feet away. The falconer’s skill is clearly demonstrated with a vast array of species including the The Secretary Bird and The American Bald Eagle pictured below. The birds also play an integral part in saving the (yes you guessed it) damsel in distress!

Puy du Fou 7Puy du Fou 8

The Secret of the Lance

From stunt riders travelling at break neck (luckily they didn’t) speed in front of a reconstructed Middle Aged Castle, to entire buildings moving. A fast paced drama to save the damsel in distress!

Puy du Fou 18Puy du Fou 20

Richelieu’s Musketeer

I was too mesmerised to be taking pictures of this one. This is an indoor theatre with a circular stage which adds to the illusion that the show is happening around you. The stage floods with water and a flamboyant display of drums, dressage, sword fighting and flamenco dancing splashes before your eyes.

All the shows are obviously in French so audio translations are available but in my opinion not necessary as the shows are too loud for you to hear the audio properly anyway and as you may have noticed, the majority of the story lines tend to centre around the familiar theme of true love and a damsel in distress. However, you are not there for a complex story line, you are there for the show and there is enough to keep you amazed for this to fade into insignificance so understanding French is definitely not essential.

It was refreshing for a theme park that we experienced very little queuing and the majority of the tourists were from the hosting country. In between shows there are several reconstructed historical towns and villages to visit too with working artisans and themed shops so you are immersed in their make believe world at all times. At no point are souvenirs thrust in your face and much of what is on offer is true craftsmanship.

The Medieval City

Puy du Fou 26

The Market Town in 1900

Puy du Fou 21

I wanted to try and show you from the photos exactly why I am in such awe of this place without spoiling any of the anticipation and surprises so have deliberately omitted some of my pictures. Having said that, this is undoubtedly a moment when a photo can only spark your interest and by no means lives up to the wonder of the park. It is a place you have to experience to fully appreciate its brilliance. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stay for their ultimate night show, the “Cinescenie” and by no means saw all the other shows or areas on offer but this is one place I was happy to leave open a good excuse to return some day!

Truly captivating and an inspiration for all story tellers.

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