Getting all Mixed up

Lego Army

Meet these little guys!

I have to warn you, these are not just Lego people. These figures have evolved into Captain Cuphead, Superstorm, The Undead Surfer, Conehead, Mr Brickhead, Skeleton Warrior, Leverhead Lenny and Torch. In fact I can’t possibly list the whole army!

This is the result of my boys secretly concocting their own Lego characters for their made up battle game. As you can see, it involves taking legs, heads and bodies apart and mixing them all up with unusual additions!

I love it when they play like this. This is how creativity grows. Children are naturally good at creating things as they aren’t limited by the boundaries we impose as adults. They are more open to the impossible becoming possible.

Creativity is the reason I encourage reading and writing so much, not just because I enjoy it but because to me creative thinking is one of the most important skills we can learn. It’s about thinking outside the box, mixing things up and trying new combinations. Creativity has no boundaries and no rules. It explores, it questions, it experiments and it jumbles up the conventional. By thinking and acting this way we become better equipped to deal with the lows in our lives. By turning things on their heads and thinking of novel ways to approach a problem we begin to create a few more highs in our lives. We might even make some innovative discoveries along the way!

Reading can ignite new creative ideas as the reader gets pulled into the writer’s potion of thoughts, knowledge, imagination and points of view. Whilst writing can be the outlet for translating the reader’s creation into a physical form for others to digest, interpret and mould into something else new.

As a children’s writer I experiment with letters to make new words, I mix words to make new sentences and new sentences to create new meanings with the aim of building a fantasy world which is unique, fun, interesting and believable. There’s a story in everything if I look hard enough.

But it’s not just writers who create. An artist expresses creativity by mixing up different mediums, colours and strokes to come up with an individual style. Musicians listen out for new chord combinations or varying tones and lyrics to add depth, feeling and connection to their pieces. Dancers strive for the ultimate emotive expression to draw their audience in by experimenting with different actions and facial expressions. All these activities require the same fluidity of thinking as do inventors, designers, sculptors, speakers, mathematicians, managers and so on. We are all creative thinkers who create new moments and stories each minute and each second of every day. How we present our creativity is the part which is unique to each one of us.

Now I’m sure some of these highly evolved Lego creatures must have some stories to tell……………….

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