Build a Book Nook

Dr Seuss Quote 2

Crawling into a cosy book nook could be just what your little ones need to inspire a love of reading. There are some wonderful creations out there which alas, require either a natural talent for carpentry or a recent lottery win! I’ve therefore deliberately picked those which appealed to me for their simplicity and as something many of us could possibly entertain doing ourselves opposed to just mentally adding them to our dream home. So get searching for any unused tiny spaces in your house then crawl in, climb up or sit down and enjoy these pictures to help jolt the creative ideas in you.

Is there a cosy spot to light up under your stairs?

Image found on Kidsomania

Nook Kidsomania


Or an empty space on your landing?

Image found on Modern Parents Messy Kids

Nook Modern Parents Messy Kids


Perhaps there’s room for a reading shelter in the attic?

Image found on Apartment Therapy

Nook Apartment Therapy 2


Or a lonely corner needs some love and attention?

Image found on Apartment Therapy

Nook Apartment Therapy


Maybe a disused fireplace needs warming up?

Image found on Pop Sugar

Nook Pop Sugar


Or there’s room to snuggle in the bottom of a small cupboard?

Image found on Mama Papa Bubba

Nook MamaPapaBubba


Perhaps partition off a covetous reading area?

Image found on Charles P Rogers

Nook Charles P Rogers


Or make your own tent?

Image found on Ana-White

Nook Ana-White


Relax into a window seat?

Image found on The Boo and the Boy

Nook The Boo and the Boy


Or weave some words into an outdoor retreat in the garden.

Image found on Puzzles Family Day Care Facebook page

Nook Puzzles Family Day Care



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