When is a book not a book?

It’s surprising sometimes at the amount of enthusiasm and momentum that Christmas time creates in many of us. Suddenly it seems everything needs to get done – and done in a rush! Even the things we have been talking about doing for years become a matter of urgency. Clearing out all the old books and toys that get littered around our house is one of these things which has been on my list to do for years now. I’d like to say that’s an exaggeration but sadly it’s not! I have certain things I plan to do each year (with every ounce of good intentions I can muster) which end up getting rolled over into the next year…. then the next year…..and so on! However this year it must have been the sound of sleigh bells fast approaching (and the desperation to make space) which finally kicked me into action. So now the kids have a couple of empty boxes which they are desperately hoping Santa will fill. Only problem is, empty boxes have led to a job half done and a very full shed!

Toys are generally easy to give away or sell but what about books? I for one have trouble throwing books out but begrudgingly admit that some books, for whatever reason, we simply no longer need; maybe they’ve been out grown, there’s no more room on the shelf, the story isn’t liked and never read or perhaps the book is damaged or broken. So what do we do with our unwanted books? We can sell them online or at a car boot sale, donate to schools, hospitals or libraries, pass on to friends and family OR better still, we could be really creative and recycle our books! It has often been said that one way to inspire our children to read is to immerse our houses, our habits and lifestyle in the culture of books so I’ll leave you to admire some truly amazing examples of the many other uses for a book that you never knew existed! Maybe this will inspire you too. What would you make?

RecycledBookArt Chair

Book chair created by Myopic Books.

BookClock Jodi Harvey-Brown

Book clock created by Jodi Harvey-Brown.

Book Planter JW

Book planter created by Jessica Wolkoff.

Book ring

Book jewellery created by Jeremy May.

wall book sculpture

Book wall sculpture created by Federico Uribe.

Book rug

Book rug created by Pamela Paulsrud.

Book Igloo

Book igloo created by Miler Lagos.

Bath of Knowledge

Bath of Knowledge created by Vanessa Mancini.

Harry Potter Book Bag

Harry Potter book bag made by retrograndma on Etsy.

Book Lamp

Stacked books lamp created by Dan Faires.

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